River and sea, the natural road to Ushuaia.

Starting from White Waters in Salta Province, the first part of the expedition will take us along the Bermejo river. This river is always changing due to water levels. During spring and summer when snow melts the currents are strong bringing trees and lots of sediment. We decided to start the trip with normal conditions when autumn arrives. Also this location is extremely hot in summer and full of mosquitoes and other insects that can bring some deseases such as malaria or yellow fever. The Bermejo will show us lots of wildlife, aligators, snakes, carpinchos and many different bird species.
All these rivers like Bermejo, Paraguay and Paraná are an excellent option to obtain food, three great rivers for kayak fishing. During the trip we´ll be showing the different fish species that these rivers have. Paddling the Paraná course, our next step will be the Delta, place where two big rivers confluence and form losts of islands thanks to sediments. We work and live here, in the Paraná Delta. In this point we´ll have to change the equipment, pick up our Kokatat dry suits and get ready for what´s coming next.
The natural road will lead us to the sea, the most difficult part of the expedition for many reasons:
- Long distances with no fresh water
- Difficult access to coast. Many times with sea lions living on the spot places.
- Strong winds and currents.
- Small populations sometimes far away from the coast. The Argentina coastline is owned by Estancias that are not always habitated all year long.
- Historically lots of shipwrecks, but we hope not so many kayak wrecks.
And many other problems that are not considered because they will appear during the trip.
This story will come to an end in Ushuaia, 10 months later if everything goes normal, we have time, we are focused with strong minds.

Our google image description with waypoints and references.
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